Bleicher SS., Dickman CR. 2016. Bust economics: foragers choose high quality habitats in lean times. PeerJ 1:1–15.  Full Text PDF

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In Preparation

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5.      Bleicher, S.S., Kotler, B.P., Downs, C.J. & Brown, J.S. Common garden experiments exposing with desert rodents: II. Heteromyid rodents play their evolutionary strengths and provide examples of opposite snake evasion strategies. (Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology)
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7.      Bleicher, S.S. & Brown, J.S. Game­on, game­off: bridging ecological and neurological pathways to fear. (Oikos)
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9. Bleicher, S.S. & Rosenzweig M.L. Too much of a good thing? A landscape of fear analysis reveals a human commensalist strongly deterred by hikers (Conservation Ecology).
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